Friday, October 9, 2009

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Between the Lions

Leon joins the Lions to help Children Look for Leon on the "Bug Beard" episode of the PBS children's show "Between the Lions", produced by WGBH of Boston, and Sirius Thinking for PBS Kids. Between the Lions is funded in part by a Ready to Learn grant from the US Department of Education through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Between the Lions is intended for kids four to seven years old, but many more will find it fun and useful. Any Time

Any Time
1. ANY TIME (3:57) (Herbert Happy Lawson) Red Shark Music --BMI
2. IF YOU KNEW (4:04) (Jelly Roll Morton - Ed Werac) Edwin H. Morris & Co. --ASCAP
3. AIN'T GONNA GIVE YOU NONE OF MY JELLY ROLL (2:32) (Spencer and Clarence Williams) Red Shark Music --BMI
4. ALL I DO IS DREAM OF YOU (3:52) (Nacio Herb Brown - Arthur Freed) EMI Robbins Catalog --ASCAP
5. LOUISIANNA FAIRYTALE (2:58) (FJ Coots Haven - Dizzy Gillespie - Mitchell Parish) EMI Mills Music. --ASCAP
6. SO TIRED OF LIVIN' ALL ALONE (2:59) (Arthur Sizemore - George Little) Shawnee Press, Inc. --ASCAP
7. SITTIN ON TOP OF THE WORLD (3:34) (Ray Henderson - Sam Lewis - Joe Young) Warok Corp./Ray Henderson Music Co./EMI Fiest Catalog --ASCAP
8. SWEET SUNSHINE (2:42) (Jelly Roll Morton) Edwin H. Morris & Co. --ASCAP
9. BLOSSOMS ON BROADWAY (3:14) (Leo Robin - Ralph Rainger) Famous Music Corp. --ASCAP
10. IN THE SHADE OF THE OLD APPLE TREE (4:05) (Egbert Van Alstyne - Harry H. Williams) Red Shark Music --BMI
11. SWEET LORRAINE (2:20) (Clifford Burwell - Mitchell Parish) EMI Mills Music --ASCAP
12. MOONLIGHT BAY (3:43) (Percy Weinrich - Edward Madden) Red Shark Music --BMI
13. YOUR FEETS TOO BIG (3:34) (Fred Fischer - Ada Benson) Morley Music Co. --BMI

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