Saturday, October 10, 2009

The fastest fish in the sea, when yellowfin tuna hit, they hit hard

Click to view full size image Click to view full size image "When yellowfin hit, they hit hard, usually hooking themselves with no help from you, and yanking the line off the reel at a rapid rate. If the line becomes slack, the fish is probably swimming toward the boat; reel in the slack rapidly, and make sure the hook is set. Always keep the line tight. A truly large fish might give you the fight of your life, battling for as long as several hours before it wins – by snapping the line or leader – or you do, by getting it up to the boat. If it's a relative small fish, you can probably lift it over the side yourself; it it's a truly large specimen, you'll need a gaff, a stout curved hook on a heavy pole. The gaff is hooked into the gill slits or the side of the fish, and the fish is hauled aboard. The really big ones might require several gaffs and several people to bring them on board. "Yellowfin make great eating"* Scooter Dude sez - My personal experience with these delicious fish is that they are hard to come by, but worthy. For example: tie off a stout line from a stout pole to the trailer hitch of your pick-up truck, tighten your reel's drag and lay back into it while having your buddy drive your truck fast a couple of hundred yards down the road. Have him stop there, put the truck in neutral, then you reel the truck in... Repeat this all day. One's own fresh-caught barbecued tuna steaks, canned tuna, sushi, or smoked tuna (with heavy pepper) are orgasmic. Use care with the wasabi わさび,ワサビ , 山葵. *From Photos from Ocean Charters. Toll Free: 1-800-562-0105

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