Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amazing Sarah From Australia Loves Sausages!

Amazing Australian pooch, Sarah seems to actually like and consume sausages! According to Sarah's 12-year-old, coffee-sipping human, Miss C., Sarah loves to play with her own toys and has her own bed to take naps on! Astounding! Next thing we will be hearing about Sarah is that she likes steaks and back-scratches! In that regard, Sarah and her American cousin, Sparky, likes to nap too! Perhaps their other cousin, Zac, also naps? Clearly the unusual canine cousins are part human. I can actually see a strong family resemblance between these pooches and the human male members of their families! Zac & Sparky [Sparky+Licks+His+Chops.jpg]

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  1. Nap in Zaks middle name he is 91 after all .