Saturday, October 10, 2009

Easter European Motor Vehicles

Unknown ZIL 41047 Warszawa 201 KAvZ 651A KAvZ 3976 Václav Laurin, mechanic and Václav Klement, bookseller began to manufacture Slavia bicycles 1895. Within a few years, in 1899, they started to produce motorcycles. 1905 came the first car Voiturette. They merged with the company Skoda from Pilsen 1925 and the name Laurin & Klement disappeared. During the Word War II Skoda became a part of the german group Hermann-Göring-Werke and had to convert fully onto military production. The company was nationalised after the war and got monoply on passenger car production. 1946 started the production on Skoda 1101/1102 Tudor that was based on pre-war technology. Skoda's cars become more and more outdated...

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