Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Innovative Aussie

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Aboriginal kangaroo painting Title: THREE KANGAROO HUNTERS WITH THEIR KILL. Location: AUSTRALIA; SOUTH AUSTRALIA; MORALANA DISTRICT; Date: 1924 "There are many ways for you to have fun and relax in the Australian outback. You can sit down and simply look out in to the wilderness, and breathe in the poetry of an almost barren, but silently whispering land. You can look at the wildlife, engage in extreme sports, or simply drive around, bearing witness to an old, old land. But believe it or not, you can also hunt kangaroos, and if you happen to find yourself in the outback with a desire for kangaroo skins and leather, as well as a desire to have a bit of fun, then you may want to consider hunting the three principal species of kangaroo that you can hunt in Australia." There have always been kangaroo meat hunters in Australia, both before and since the 1788 arrival of the "First Fleet" carrying 780 "transported" criminals to Botany Bay's penal colony. From hunting with aboriginal woomera and boomerang the technology of kangaroo hunting has progressed, somewhat. With the arrival of quantities of WW I military surplus Lee Enfield 303 rifles, roo hunters received a rare gift from their government. The clever hunters made an adaption to the rifle, making it eminently suitable for hunting the bouncy kangaroo. By the installation of an amended ladder gun-sight and by introducing a slight bend to the barrel they created the famous kangaroo-killing rifle, the innovative .303 zigzag. Caption: Close-up of a regal and dignified Blue Cochin hen. Thnx to New Zealander Uncle George who told me this one while we were both in Australia about 50 years ago.

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