Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Great Steamboat Adventure

Sunday we boarded the Queen of Seattle for a nice little boat ride on beautiful Lake Union. The Queen of Seattle is the largest steam powered paddle wheeler west of the Mississippi. We cast off from South Lake Union by the Center for Wooden Boats and the busy seaplane base of Kenmore Air. Explore, expand and contract your perspectives. Simply click slowly, repeatedly on most photos to zoom in and zoom out on the details...


  1. With the Space Needle as background in the final frame, see our Neptune Apartments' rooftop garden umbrellas, from a different than usual view. Zoom in.

  2. Most any focus is productive.

    Ask: Productive of what?...

  3. How much does my anonymous little nudge effect changes to the universe without the default consent and cooperation of others?

    Has chance whimsically decided I am just one of an infinite number of monkeys typing gibberish on infinite keyboards, producing profounderest snippets of dizfn82344dbd$*(((*_#$@hzdvvdh 34785438 vjvf df d.on the head of a virtual pin?

    Or not?