Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Saturday Night We DINED Out At The Movies In Seattle

Fork And Spoon Clip Art The idea of going to the cinema to see a documentary about grocery store baggers did not excite me in the least. The invitation from my Trophy Bride promised only dinner and a movie, so when we arrived at the theater early, without having stopped at a good restaurant to eat first, I wisely (healthy fear protects me, it seems) kept my surprise and disappointment to myself. My regrets did not last long. But first, on the marquee, I saw the title of the film we were about to suffer through! Ready, Set, Bag! Checkout will never be the same. OK, I did see on the billboard that LA Weekly called it "IRRESISTiBLE". What may be irresistible in LA LA Land could be toxic in Seattle. "One of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen, Ever", said Prescott News. Having seen what 117F Arizona sun will do to human brains, I was even more dubious and saddened. Already I needed a snooze. We were seated in the theater by the usher on comfy couches. A roomy table was tv-tray-high before us. The guy on the couch across the aisle was slurping down a frosty dark ale, clearly enjoying every swallow. My funk began to thaw at the prospect of tasty liquid sedation. Our waitress presented a MENU, a really, really inviting large menu offering Pan-Seared Alaskan Salmon ($13.50), a flaky puff pastry ($11) layered with spinach, Gruyere, onion and pine nuts with house green salad and Balsamic vinaigrette, and 30+ other creative choices. We ordered the roasted red piquillo peppers ($6.50) which was one of several good appetizers that we enjoyed before our gourmet pizza. The food was delicious, unusual, fairly priced, but more than us cheapskates like to spend. The threat of McDonalds always silences my internal whining. The buttery popcorn and the peach crumble a la mode are calling me back as I type. The film reviews were, in my opinion, accurate, but did not convey all the audience's heartfelt cheering for the amazing grocery baggers who were preparing to compete for big glory and money in Las Vegas at the U.S.A. Best Bagger Competition. See the trailer below for Ready, Set, Bag. Our pup, Sparky, enthusiastically wolfed down the stingy leftovers that I saved and personally bagged for him. Dogs! Click on small image to see the trailer The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. This movie poster was on the wall in the lobby. If you are a fan of great classic film you will already have seen Harold and Maude. See it again. Trailer here. Oops. Addendum: The address above translated to almost invisibly small print. Nowhere did I mention the name of the movie house, except in the address.... CENTRAL CINEMA has a website, Copy and paste.


  1. At age 80 Miss Gordon was the essence of provocative, a perfectly ripened plum.

    Damn the Chasen character's luck!

  2. I really think you should get a job at the write sooooo well!!! I always can "feel" the place/event/people you write about.

  3. Just out of somewhat idle curiosity, where is this fine dining experience to be found? So glad to hear Sparky was included, albeit a somewhat marginalized equity split -:)

  4. The link to Central Cinema's website is in very tiny print on the blog post above. Here it is easier to see.

  5. Poor Sparky.

    If he were a Paris pooch he would not be a victim of species segregation. Alas, he is not.

    His perfectly fried chicken hearts are served to him in a dainty silver bowl on the laundry room floor.

    The movement continues...