Sunday, August 29, 2010

My bride's off-camera crash video and some fine Human Expressions

Here are just a few of the images I've enjoyed from the Internet this week. Perhaps you may like them too. The horrifying crash video is at the end... This image is Chuck Pefley's from One A Day - Mostly Seattle By Judith Bissell, Dotty DeCoster, and Louise Crowley (1968). By Emily Pothast (2010). By Catherine Weinstein (1971). Chow Food Management/19.51 dandy don, big jerry ride the S.L.U.T. (South Lake Union Trolly) S.L.U.T. Click on the Scooter Lust logo and then on the Eye Candy button to see the very best in sweet treats. Here is a sample of what journalism is, from Scooter Lust. How novel.
Gina the Lambretta.JPGOne sharp 45 year old! The prime minister's new Lammie!

As one gets more into the hobby of scooters and scootering, the inclination to dabble in vintage scoots can become very strong. Westenders prime minister RogerTango has taken the plunge, and now there's a new Lambretta in the Westenders lineup: meet Gina the Lambretta!

Gina is a 1965 Series 3 Li125 that has been painstakingly restored by Harmik N. of Planet Lambretta . Planet Lambretta specializes in the careful restoration of vintage Lambretta scooters to better-than-new condition. Harmik restores a few Lammies each year for collectors and enthusiasts. While a planet Lambretta restoration is definitely not cheap, it's a great way to have a vintage scoot if you don't have the time or expertise to do your own restoration. jimmy.jpg skootvsska.jpgHere is a fine 1960's morality play on You Tube video - just click it ... and finally, here is a video we posted on You Tube of my trophy bride's very first motor scooter riding instruction class... turn your speakers uo to LOUD and go to FULL SCREEN for this. Click the image

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