Friday, August 20, 2010

True Love & Comfort Food, All In One Fat-Free Location!

Fork Knife Clip Art I found some Terminal Cuteness on the floor of my email inbox this morning... The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Central Cinema has my favorite, guilt-free, all-you-can-stuff-in-your-mouth a la carte menu; a fat-free warm, fuzzy movie experience. Only in Seattle can you be assured there will be no weight-gain at this dinner cinema! Their pizza is delicious with a big frosty glass of ale. The orgasmic desserts will have absolutely no effect on your pants size. Trust me.

From C.D.'s website: Seattle's only Dine-In Cinema is located in the Central District neighborhood at 21st & Union. A place close to home for your total Date-Nite experience in one spot. See your favorite movies how they were meant to be seen, on a big screen, with big sound, in a room full of people.

The Beta Society presents CUTE NIGHT Cute videos (Puppies! Kitties! Babies!) plus live comedy and Bubble Tea! Weds Aug 25 @ 7:00 $5 advance / $7 day of
Click on the bird and cat image for a sample of what qualifies as treacly cuteness. Say AWWWW. Steady your gag-reflex. Click on the blue link to find Central's fashion model menu and coming attractions. There is zero financial connection with Central Cinema nor with any entity mentioned in the Scooter Dudisms blog.

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