Monday, August 9, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water... comes blind Anguillophobia

"Delighted Squeals Revealed That Eels Had... " so the limerick goes... in bawdy anapaest meter. Here is daft grist for a Robert Burns poem.


Man f-eel-ing blue after op

A FISHMONGER has told how he nearly died after he slipped into a tank of eels — and one shot straight up his bum.

Don't go into the water - Ever alert eels watch and wait for you...

Horrified Li Chang, 43 — who suffered severe internal injuries — had been sitting on the edge of the tank at his warehouse in Guangzhou, southern China, where the eels were waiting to be cooked.

But he slipped off his perch into the giant tank filled with hundreds of the writhing creatures.

Chang said: "I guess they were scared when I suddenly landed in the tank so they started wriggling everywhere.

"Several shot up my trouser leg. And then to my horror I felt one go up my bottom."

Incredibly Chang was so embarrassed that he carried on working.

He said: "I didn't say anything at first when I climbed out - I was too embarrassed. I dried myself off and tried to carry on working, but it was just too painful."

Colleagues dialled the emergency services when Chang eventually collapsed in agony.

Astonished medics carried out a five hour operation to remove the eel and repair the severe internal trauma caused by it thrashing about.

A hospital spokesman said: "The eel had badly injured the patient. If he had not arrived when he did he would have died. We expect he will make a full recovery though.

"The eel was as wide as two fingers and as long as a man's arm."

Copyright 2003 Scott Boyd all rights Yet another razor-toothed eel waits for you...

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  2. "How do you keep your drinking water clean? By hand feeding the Eels that live in it. Eels feed on the decaying matter in pools of water and feeding them encourages them to stick around..."

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  4. This epigraph refers to a children’s rhyme about birds.

    Three geese in a flock.
    One flew east, one flew west,
    One flew over the cuckoo's nest.
    O-U-T spells OUT,
    Goose swoops down and plucks you out.

    I'm outa here...