Friday, July 16, 2010

Scooter Life

Sparky waits patiently for a ride on Vespa "Are we ready yet?" The scooter wall above my desk The other wall This is the ad I saw on Craig's List in Phoenix. I couldn't resist. Windshield and front rack added. Timed at 79 mph over flat ground by the GPS, it happily took me from Sun City to Vegas and back for the High Rollers Weekend 2009 High Rollers Rally. A few days ago we zipped around the North Sound with my great new scooter club, Vespa Club of Seattle Vespa Club of Seattle, as part of their fun rally When my legs gave out the Vino in the showroom in Lacey seemed the answer. A windscreen, a wicker basket and a very loud air-horn served well around the Hood Canal and in Phoenix. In Washington it took me to Amerivespa 2007 where my heart confirmed a Vespa was in my future The Iron Pirate in Belfair had a new black Whizzer on display in front of his store. I loaded it up with a windshield, small leather saddle bags, handle-bar-end leather streamers and a nice big chrome handle-bar-mount bicycle bell I bought this K100LT from Ozzie Auer in Chico, CA in 1987 and enjoyed it for over twenty years I bought a couple of CX500's in 1979 when I was selling Hondas Both had Vetter fairings Great street/trail riding around Sacramento Good portable twist-n-go mini fun My first Beemer, an R60/6, bought new from Richie Wood in 1976. It had the touring tank, saddle bags and a fairing. It carried me faithfully in the Spartans M/C road captain years to the U.S. Motorcycle Jamborie, on the California 1000 and on many great Sierra Road Rider's Association rides. I was totally bat-xxxx nuts to have sold it. An old Yamaha 2-stroke I bought used in Australia

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