File:Zombie.svg A new world record for dead people? You heard it here first (or not) As a prelude to 4th of July fireworks, Scooter Madness 23 and the Zombie Walk competed neck and neck yesterday (07/03/2010) for top honor among Seattle's wild, sensation-filled events du jour. Tall Ships ran a close honorable mention. Click on this video link below to be amazed by true Scooter Madness, albeit totally unconnected to the Scooter Madness rally held this week in Seattle... and then there be Zombies The undead in Fremont

Nancy Bartley, a staff reporter with the Seattle Times said in the Times of the undead,

"They crawled from their crypts — their Beamers, Toyotas, Kias — and lurched through Fremont.

"Some dripped blood. Some dragged entrails. Some carried brains, playing catch with them as they waited in line.

"On Saturday, thousands of zombies stood outside the Fremont Outdoor Cinema waiting to register for the Red, White and Dead Zombie Block Party, the second such event in Seattle and one they hope will nab the world record back from Great Britain for the biggest gathering of zombies in one place. The promoters also hope to raise money for a food bank and encourage blood donations.

"Last year's gathering set a Guinness World Record, with 3,894...". Tall ships ply the perilous waters of beautiful South Lake Union The Zombies are about giving, the ships about majesty and the scooter-nuts are just that... nutzo. Good, full throttle, noble nutzo. The Fabulous All-American 1962 Lombard Industries Folding Centaur Herd