Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good morning dear scooteristas and cagers

(definition: CAGER, a popular word among happy scooteristas and motorcyclists for sad four wheeled motor vehicle drivers. The term is sometimes, but not always, used in a derogative sense because the car body effectively forms a cage, isolating the said sad driver from having to interact with other road users [or life]. i.e.:"Some ignorant bloody %@!&* cager cut me off, so I cheerfully served him a couple of truck lug-nuts through his windscreen for brunch!), After a grueling happy day's hard-butt-ride on Monday, ridden over 100 or so miles of great North Sound twisties, part of the Scooter Insanity 23 motor scooter rally, led by a sweet, lovely scooterista from a brutally aggressive scooter-racing bloodline, we have even more delightful riding fun scheduled for this week. Oh, bye the bye, along the way there were platefulls of really, really delicious food consumed at scooterdude-friendly cheap prices. This Friday night's art show ride features the creativity of Westender Club's scooter goddess / artist, Miss J. H. 27863_391846013251_179273203251_3857263_6413194_n.jpgCan you see why I really do love Seattle? the Westenders pix group icon Westenders (Copied from the Westenders' website FYI) Join us on Friday, July 9th, for a rideout to Avanti Art and Design in Greenwood (7317 Greenwood Avenue North) for their exhibition that is part of the Phinney Artwalk series. The theme of the exhibition is "30/30", were participating artists create 30 4"x4" artworks in 30 days! One of the artists featured is Westender Jodie H., who you may have met if you came to Scooter Insanity this weekend! Jodie's an accomplished artist who has made 30 portraits of dogs & cats we know and love for this display. Proceeds from the sale of these works will benefit the ASPCA. The show is from 6:30 to 9:30pm. You can meet us there, or join our rideout, which will depart Cafe Revo at 6:30pm. After we've taken in the show, we will be going to a nearby fun brewpub for munchies, drinkies, and convivial conversation! Whether you join the rideout or meet us there, all art-loving scooterists are welcome! We hope to see you there! Like Jodie's work, but didn't get there in time to buy some? She is a talented multimedia artist who takes commissions! You can visit her storefront href="">here 28448_405625072621_803707621_4210682_4679077_n.jpgi scoot Seattle soldered necklace

i scoot Seattle soldered necklace

Customized Pendant with photo of your beloved pet, loved ones, vacation shots

Customized Pendant with photo of your beloved pet, loved ones, vacation shots

Don't forget the big scooter rally coming up tdm3_patch.jpg Yes I love Seattle K.

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