Friday, July 9, 2010

Early Christmas shopping for smart bargain toys

Custom Transformers Masterpiece Omega Supreme
FREE shippingCustom Transformers Masterpiece Omega Supreme by uuser
As a smart shopper you shop early for thrifty Christmas gifts, right?. This massive, magnificent Omega Supreme by mindarocky can be owned for a mere starting ebay bid of $3,000. Before having your little stroke, let's put the bargain price of this great kid-pleaser into a clear perspective. For a good value comparison, consider the worst automobile ever produced, the Yugo, which sold thousands in the 80's for $3,990.00. What was included in every Yugo owner's manual? A bus schedule. A functioning used car could be bought for much less! This robot toy, however, has light-up eyes, a flip-down visor, and can transform both into a cityscape and a battleship. The Yugo's only rapid transformation was into a useless pile of rusted garbage, right off the show room floor. Click on this image for a tragic Yugo rip-off ad from the day...

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