Saturday, November 28, 2009

Unique Christmas gift suggestions that you may seldom see under or on most Phoenix, AZ trees

In between the Aussie art videos are links to fine gifts from down-under and the US, just in time for your Christmas shopping adventures... Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able [Official Music Video] Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able. Click on image above. Mens MC Black Art Tshirt $50.00 AUD Monster Children Mens Black Art T-Shirt. Large print on front. White print on Black Tshirt. Monster Children red flag on sleeve.
Will French: Franc-o-phile/Velo-style Sydney, Australia artist Will French whose installation is currently in Monster Children Gallery performs 'Franc-o-phile / Velo-Style. Click on image above. The Art Dump Artwork - Kurt's Guitar, 2007 Kurt's Guitar, 2007 The Art Dump (Collaborative Work by Andy Jenkins, Andy Mueller and Tony Larson) Artwork. From show 'Taking Turns' 2007. Digital print on paper + Frame. Size: 560 x 780mm. Price: $700 For more details or questions email: Monster Children Gallery 20 Burton St, Darlinghurst, NSW, AU hamburgercushion1 hamburgercushions2 banner1.jpg Boy on Bike with Dog Aaron and Puppy RayGun Christmas Ornament Blue Red POOR MANS PATIO - Super comfortable MILK CRATE CHAIRS

"POOR MANS" PATIO* - Super comfortable MILK CRATE CHAIRS - $45.00 USD.

*At $45 this is actually a very expensive item which you can easily reproduce yourself without cost. Steal a few crates from behind your local grocery store and top them with cheap foam that you take from behind Walmart. With your handy pocket box-cutter simply custom-cut the foam to the size of your bottom. Be careful cutting the outline.

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