Monday, November 9, 2009

Hippo News (Hippopotamus amphibius, ἱππος ποταμου) Hippo's Circus Hidden Pictures Puzzle In this big picture find the teacup, fishhook, book, belt, cupcake, scissors, duck, roller skate, lock, eyeglasses, turtle, shoe, paper clip, and handbell. Hidden Pictures Clues


COLE BROTHERS CIRCUS HIPPO ID CIGARETTE CASE WALLET Description This gorgeous solid stainless steel case measures 4" x 2 3/4" x 1/2". It has a strong latch and a spring-opening mechanism. The internal cigarette or card holding bar is held in place with a spring. All production is done in our studio on California's beautiful Central Coast. After the image is inserted the top is filled with a crystal-clear, waterproof, UV-resistant glossy polymer. This makes the image amazingly vivid and virtually indestructible. The case is perfect for a driver's license, business cards, coins, bills, credit cards, cigarettes (long or regular), face-blotting tissues, or nearly anything else. IT'S NOT JUST FOR SMOKERS. The polished steel inside lid is a great mirror. The case comes bubble-wrapped with a blank gift card. I'd be happy to personalize the gift card – just include a note to seller with your PayPal payment. tofunkytown
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buy Click on the images for good hippo tunes The Hippopotamus Song ::: Rolf Harris with lyrics Rolf Harris and The Hippopotamus Song I want a hippopotamus for christmas

I want a hippopotamus for christmas

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