Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good News from Theo Comicbook Art from Theo Ellsworth From redefine magazine "While print magazines are folding and newspapers are going bankrupt, Portland-based artist Theo Ellsworth has a dream that might sound slightly silly in this technological age. Nonetheless, one can't help but respect the man's dream and drive to revive the art of comic books... one book at a time. "As an illustrator with DIY roots in zines, Ellsworth started off his artistic career humbly, by way of hand-stapling photocopied comics and selling them at zine fairs. Since then, he has gotten a publishing deal through independent publisher Secret Acres and pumped out two beautifully-crafted books. His first book, Capacity, was a monster at over 100 pages and featured a wide array of shorter comic strips. Its dream-like, whimsical sequences received a great deal of critical praise and allowed for Ellsworth to publish a second book, Sleeper Car. "Sleeper Car is a great example of the lighthearted fantasy themes that are inherent in his works. At only 32 pages long, it contains what Ellsworth describes as, 'mostly just silly, off-the-cusp kind of stuff I thought of while riding my bike or something.'" redefine magazine website: Secret Acres: Theo Ellsworth website: "Today I drew some dirt, grass, and some tiny abandoned cars." - Theo

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