Sunday, November 1, 2009

Photo Essay of the U.S. Civil War during the 1860's

A selection from Life Magazine via Google Images
Civil War
(L-R): Maj. Allan Pinkerton, US Pres. Abraham Lincoln (wearing his trademark stovepipe hat) & Gen. John A. McClernand, in front of pitched tent on battlefield while Civil War is taking place. Antiem, Maryland. October 1862.
NY HERALD HQ wagon is parked in field as staff reporters sit at campsite during moment of leisure, during Civil War. Date taken:1864
The "Saint Louis," first ironclad gunboat built in America, during Civil War. 1862.
Heavily fortified Confederate lines along front nr. Chattanooga Railroad, showing Potter's House, during Civil War. Atlanta, Georgia. 1864. Rear view of former slave revealing scars on his back from savage whipping, in photo taken after he escaped to become Union soldier during Civil War. 1863. Wounded Zouave soldier sitting on ground w. arm in sling as young black man assists him, in front of half-constructed log shelters, during Civil War. 1861. Meadow strewn with Confederate dead photographed by Alexander Gardner 2 days after fighting had ceased during bloodiest battle of Civil War. Gettysburg, PA. 1863.
Union (or Federal) officer holding oar & sitting on makeshift raft used for scouting operations; raft was constructed of pair of small pontoons & several wooden planks, during Civil War. 1863. Army corps supervising inflation of balloon, which is still attached to gas generators, before setting it in flight, during Civil War. 1862. Man hanging onto telegraph pole & cutting wire to reconnect ends so that point at which connection is broken cannot be seen from ground, during Civil War. 1862. Fighting men of 1st CT Heavy Artillery unit standing beside their 13-inch sea-coast mortars, part of heavily fortified battle line during Civil War battle at Yorktown. Yorktown, VA. April 1862. Federal soldier chopping firewood (R) as his messmates look on in front of mud-daubed winter hut & co. cook (or "dogrobber") stands beside former slave, hired as cookhouse servant at (L), during Civil War. Falls Church, VA. 1863. Crew of the gunboat "Hunchback," including black man playing a banjo, on the James River, during Civil War. Virginia. 1864. Group of Union officers, 2 sitting & 1 standing, posing for formal interior port. 1864. US President Abraham Lincoln (C, wearing his trademark stovepipe hat) standing on campsite with group of Federal officers on battlefield during visit while Civil War is taking place. Antietam, Maryland. October 1862. Commander of Irish Brigade during US Civil War, Thomas Francis Meagher, lifting his cap while standing Federal officer's uniform. 1862 60-ft-long, prefabricated bridge trusses, or "shad bellies," lying end-to-end outside where construction crew add their finishing touches, under auspices of field commander Herman Haupt, responsible for supplying & transporting Federal armies. Alexandria, Virginia. 1861. Black dock workers assembling for work in Federally occupied port city. Alexandria, Virginia. 1862. Union Gen. Philip H. Sheridan sitting at desk under his tent at campsite, as his saber rests against desktop. 1864.

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  1. It's good to have this kind of material, to guard against the people who might claim that this war never happened! Thanks, Scooter dude!