Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Adelaide, South Australia, Christmas Pageant - Everyone Loves A Christmas Parade (with robots)

Forrest J Ackerman, the number one Science Fiction Fanman is shown here wearing a Red Jungle Bird  shirt. Although it is very hot and sunny in the Southern Hemisphere at Christmas those who live 'Down Under' celebrate Christmas with grand style in their bright red and green Aloha Shirts.

The Adelaide Christmas Pageant is a parade held annually in the South Astralian capital of Adelaide. It is the largest event of its kind in the world, attracting crowds of over 400,000 and televised to millions more. Recognised as an heritage icon, the pageant is a state institution and is now sponsored by six local credit unions.

Beginning in 1933 as the John Martin's (an Adelaide Department store) Christmas Pageant, the event is staged in early November every year, usually on a Saturday morning. It comprises a procession of 75 entries and 1,700 volunteers, including 57 floats, 15 bands, 164 clowns, dancing groups, and walking performers, all culminating in the arrival of Father Christmas. Father Christmas is the star of the show at the John Martin's Christmas Pageant. Boat float! A robot float takes to the streets of Adelaide outside the E.T.S.A. Building during the Christmas Pageant. Employees preparing for 1945 John Martin's Christmas Pageant. Father Christmas takes to the streets outside of John Martin's Department Store during the early years of the Christmas Pageant which started in 1933. Lovely marching belles. The Goose and the Golden Eggs float at the 1956 John Martin's Christmas Pageant. ... and jumping to the other side of the equator a century earlier The image of Santa is surrounded by smaller images showing the typical Christmas Traditions of the 1860's. This is a classic Civil War era Thomas Nast picture of Santa Claus.

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