Friday, December 4, 2009

We All Love Lots And Lots of Robots

So Delicious! Click on the image to see this 1930 robot cartoon. THE IRON MAN (1930) Rare Aesop's Fable Paul Terry cartoon from Van Beuren. In the first half of this surreal and wildly imaginative cartoon Farmer Alfalfa is harassed by a pair of plucky chickens, and then mesmerized by a multi-talented dancing robot. R-U-R from R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) (1923) Schylling ZATHURA wind up tin toy robot (2005) Tin toy wind up robot from the 2005 movie Zathura. A few Zathera Robots have sold on eBay for $150.00. Other collector wind-up robots sell for thousands. Click on this small image, above, for the bargain $150 robot's video. TURN UP YOUR VOLUME to hear his motor! All that fun for the price of a trip to a pro ballpark! Then click on the other small image for more great robot vid. There are even more vids here if you scroll to the end. Robot Storiez 2 1927_metropolis - The evolution of movie robots False Maria from Metropolis (1927) 1935_the_phantom_empire - The evolution of movie robots The Phantom Empire (1935) Click on this small image to see the trailer for this hot ultimate robot movie serial (with "Twelve Dazzling Chapters") staring The Singing Cowboy, Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette, Autry's film debut! All about cowboys AND robots, and even features a 1935 surface-to-air missile!
1936_undersea_kingdom - The evolution of movie robots Undersea Kingdom (1936) 1939_the_phantom_creeps - The evolution of movie robots The Phantom Creeps (1939). Stars Bela Lugosi. Screenplay by George Plympton. THE PHANTOM CREEPS (1939) Ch 6 Cliffhanger Click to see the action... 1940_gort - The evolution of movie robots Killer Robot from Mysterious Doctor Satan (1940). Another robot serial in 15 chapters. WOW. 1951_gort - The evolution of movie robots Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) THE classic sci-fii robot movie! The Day the Earth Stood Still is a 1951 science fiction film which tells the story of a humanoid alien who comes to Earth to warn its leaders not to take their conflicts into space, or they will face lethal consequences. It stars Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffe, Billy Gray, Frances Bavier, and Lock Martin. Supporting cast includes journalist Drew Pearson. The movie was adapted by Edmund H. North from the story "Farewell to the Master" by Harry Bates, and directed by Robert Wise. Day the Earth Stood Still Trailer Click on small image above to see the trailer. 1951_gort2 - The evolution of movie robots Same old Gort but getting closer... 1953_ro_man - The evolution of movie robots Ro-Man from Robot Monster (1953) ROBOT MONSTER (1953) Trailer Click to see Sultry Beauty in the clutches of a Half-Crazed Monster Robot 1954_target_earth - The evolution of movie robots Target Earth (1954) 1954_tobor - The evolution of movie robots Tobor from Tobor the Great (1954) 1954_tobor2 - The evolution of movie robots Tobor again. 1954_chani - The evolution of movie robots Chani from Devil Girl from Mars (1954) 1956_robby - The evolution of movie robots Robby from Forbidden Planet (1956) 1956_robby2 - The evolution of movie robots OMG, Robby! 1958_aztec - The evolution of movie robots

Robot vs the Aztec Mummy (1958)

Click on this small image for a brilliant Hollywood depiction of an Aztec sacrifice from the sci-fi thriller Robot vs the Aztec Mummy!

1958_aztec3 - The evolution of movie robots Robot resting after mummy mayhem. 1960_thinko - The evolution of movie robots Thinko from Sex Kittens Go To College (1960)

OK, you are just dying to know all about this one, so here goes...

Plot Summary

Collins College needs a new department head for their science department. Doctors Carter and Zorch consult Thinko, the campus computer (robot), and come up with Dr. Mathilda West, who has degrees in lots of things, but turns out to be disruptively attractive as well. Meanwhile two thugs search for Thinko who is muscling in on the race horse action. The captain of the football team is having trouble not passing out in front of the opposite sex, and Admiral McFortune, a benefactor of the college, becomes attracted to Dr. West, who has a past dangerously close to becoming public knowledge.......................................................................................................................................................................... Today's robots bravely carrying on in Thinko's stead. Here are a few robot videos for you to enjoy. Just click on the small images. 1949  A.R.M. Atomic Robot Man - Made in Japan Tin Tom Toys repro of Nomura's 1950s Radar Robot 1960s Yoshiya Planet Robot with metal claws in military dark green 1965 Marx Mechanical Chompy Beetle 1970 Alps Walking Astronaut 1960s Horikawa Busy Cart robot with big feet 1960s K.O. Yoshiya Action Planet robot 1953 walking Irwin Spaceman More of these delightful wind-up robot videos are to be found at the incredible, delightful Spaceboystoys' Channel on You Tube. Cut and paste these links to see Spaceboystoy's wind-up robots for sale. No remuneration is received from Spaceboystoys by this blogger (or from anyone else, save a paltry wee pittance from my great benefactor, The U.S. Social Security Administration; a stingy return from all I paid in to them over the years, allowing me a happy, lush retirement lifestyle today. It is all actually pretty much a hoot! - for which I am truly thankful, especially for the robots!).

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  1. What a heavy legacy Thinko has left for poor brave R2D2 and C3PO to carry...