Thursday, March 4, 2010

Radio Hams, Juggling Space Farmers, President Obama and Burt Rutan

Talented cosmonaut juggles eight!

What’s everyday life on the International Space Station like? Maksim Suraev, who is on a six-month stint at the orbital outpost, has the answer.

Maksim is the first Russian cosmonaut to start a blog from zero-g. His accounts of orbital life and fresh photos from space are published on the website of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos.

The wheat has managed to grow, and it's great!

It took long enough to dry and it has almost reached the lamp. And now, finally, mission control has ordered it cut, packed and refrigerated. I'll take it to Earth with me. Scientists there will have their turn at it.

They are surprised themselves about how it managed to have grown into ears. They tried to do it several times and only got, as the scientists describe, "seedless monsters".

With some regret I've cut my wheat... After all, it has been with me at the station for nearly five months.

Via Russian space agency Roscosmos


-.-. --.- / -.-. --.- / -.-. .- .-.. .-.. .. -. --. / -.-. --.-

(CQ, CQ, calling CQ Code letters used at the beginning of radio messages intended for all receivers.)

Radio Amateurs from Far East have Accomplished Communication Session with ISS: Russian Cosmonauts have Dreams Rarely

:: 03.03.2010

Technical universities’ students from Far East of Russia have organized a communication session with ISS the last Sunday. During the session, students asked many questions to Russian cosmonauts.

“ISS was reachable only for 8 minutes. During this time, technical students asked many different questions to cosmonauts” - told to “Interfax-Far East” chief of public relations department of ROSTO (DOSAAF) of Khabarovsk Valeriy Usoltsev.

According to him, students had a possibility to speak with Oleg Kotov. Russian ISS crewmembers told about their activities in spare time and about secrets of nutrition and work in microgravity conditions.

He added also that cosmonauts while answering the question of one of students told that they fully recover their forces during the sleep but they rarely have dreams due to their work and busy schedule. Now that President Obama has canceled our manned space program and the new space shuttle it is up to the Russians, the Chinese and Burt Rutan* to conquer space. The Russians got to space before we did and the Chinese are now developing their own private space station independent of the International Space Station. We will be paying the Russians taxi fare to get to the ISS; they have figured out such niceties of capitalism as supply and demand and profit motive.... So you think earth-side taxis are spendy? Please hurry-up Burt... * Elbert Leander "Burt" Rutan (born June 17, 1943) is an American aerospace engineer noted for his originality in designing light, strong, unusual-looking, energy-efficient aircraft. He is famous for his design of the record-breaking Voyager, which was the first plane to fly around the world without stopping or refueling, and the sub-orbital spaceplane SpaceSipOne, which won the Ansari X-Prize in 2004 for becoming the first privately funded spacecraft to enter the realm of space twice within a two week period (at a cost of a whole lot fewer greenbacks than the U.S. government spent to do the same thing, but the U.S. was NOT required to fly their ship TWICE in two weeks!). He has four aircraft on display in the National Air and Space Museum: SpaceShipOne, the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, Voyager, and the VariEze. Authentic Super-Genius, among faux "genii", Burt Rutan Rutan makes our German rocket scientist Werner von Braun seem dim in comparison. Now if we only had another Jack Kennedy and fewer rocket-surgeon-genii in government....

barack obama childhood hawaii Photo President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, plays in the surf. "I am the president" Embarrased yet?

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